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Our Terms and Conditions:

These are the standard terms and conditions for TMC SERVICES Property Maintenance Ltd. Please note that these terms apply unless otherwise agreed in writing between the client and TMC Services.
It’s important for clients to carefully review and understand these terms before accepting a quotation and proceeding with any work. Here’s a breakdown of the key points in these terms and conditions:
This quote is valid for a period of 30 days. After this time we reserve the right to re-survey and adjust any costs accordingly.

Payment Terms:

For small jobs (above £500): A 50% deposit is required upfront before booking the work, with the remaining 50% payable upon job completion.
For large jobs (e.g., bathrooms, kitchens, interior/exterior decorating): The same payment terms apply, with a 50% deposit upfront and the remaining 50% payable upon completion.

Cancellation Policy:

If the client cancels the job within 5 working days after accepting the quotation and terms, and the deposit has been received, the client agrees to forfeit 20% of the total job cost or £300 (whichever is greater). Cancellations made before this period are free of charge.


Materials are provided as listed in the quote unless the client supplies materials. If client-supplied materials are not available at the start of the job, an additional charge of £200 + VAT per day will apply to cover costs.

Any items ordered by TMC Services will incur a 15% administration charge.


Inclusions cover materials as listed in the quote and labor as described in the quote.


Parking: The customer is expected to provide a resident parking permit for the job’s duration. ULEZ charges and congestion charges will be added to the invoice.

Extra tasks or materials: Any additional work or materials requested during the job or deemed necessary (e.g., unexpected repairs) are not included in the quote and will be billed separately.

Delays in material supply: If client-supplied materials are delayed, additional charges may apply.

Payment and Additional Charges:

An additional charge of £10.00 plus VAT will apply for each additional bank transfer made for agreed balances.

The invoice will be issued after the work is completed.


TMC SERVICES Property Maintenance Ltd. provides a 1-year guarantee on all their work.

It’s important for clients to thoroughly understand and agree to these terms and conditions before proceeding with any work. If there are any questions or concerns, clients should contact TMC SERVICES Property Maintenance Ltd. for clarification before accepting a quotation.